Venetian Blinds | Guide for Choosing Wood or Faux Wood


Venetian Blinds | Guide for Choosing Wood or Faux Wood

Timber Venetian Blinds are timeless. At Best Deal Shutters Sydney our venetian blinds create a sophisticated yet welcoming atmosphere and pair well with a variety of interior design styles. But, you’ve likely heard about the value of choosing PVC blinds for your Sydney home or business. Should you opt for faux wood to benefit from both the elegant look of wooden window dressings and the durability of PVC?

There are advantages to both wood and faux wood blinds. Take a look at the pros and cons of each type of blinds to help you decide what is your design ideal – timber or PVC-based Venetians?

Pros and Cons of Real Wood Blinds

There is an enduring quality that one can only find with natural wood. With unique grains and slight colour variations depending on the actual piece of timber your blinds are made from, real wood blinds are truly one-of-a-kind. Adding to the visual appeal, wood can be stained to create your desired look, with lighter stains complementing a casual interior and darker stains enhancing professional spaces and formal rooms. Another aesthetic advantage of real wood interior blinds is that they require fewer support strings, creating a more minimalist appearance than with faux wood blinds.

Where timber blinds can give Sydney property owners some uncertainty is with the humid climate. Prolonged exposure to moisture can eventually damage the wood. You’ll want to make sure you take good care of your blinds to prevent moisture damage.

On top of requiring more care, wood blinds do cost more than faux wood blinds. However, they will last for years longer as long as they are well-maintained. Also, at Best Deal Shutters & Blinds, we can help you with re-staining your Sydney timber blinds when you want to refresh the look of your faded Venetians.

Pros and Cons of Faux Wood Blinds

Blinds made from PVC can be designed to look almost exactly like real wood, offering a less expensive, lower maintenance alternative. Especially when you choose high-quality PVC faux wood blinds for your Sydney property, you know you’re going to get a look that is remarkably close to authentic wood.

PVC is a good choice if you have concerns about humidity or if you’re worried about wear and tear. Where playful kids and pets could potentially nick timber blinds, the high-tech polymer composition of your faux wood blinds is much more difficult to damage.

Real Wood vs Faux Wood Blinds

Whilst timber offers an authentic feel and serves as a long-lasting investment, faux wood costs less and is easier to take care of. On the other hand, PVC doesn’t come with the potential longevity nor can you re-stain your PVC blinds when you want to revitalise your interior.

Which type of Venetian blinds should you choose? Contact our friendly customer care team, and we can help guide you to answer the ultimate interior design question – real wood or PVC faux wood blinds?

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