Ultimate Colour Guide for Matching Your Roller Blinds with Your Interior


Ultimate Colour Guide for Matching Your Roller Blinds with Your Interior

Sorting through all the options to match your Roller Blinds with your interior? Roller blinds serve as an elegant – and beautifully functional – window covering. They provide seamless control over your interior lighting and are ideal for managing the Sydney area’s gorgeous temperate climate. Easy-to-maintain, and with no-hassle installation with the help of your local shutter and blinds specialists, your biggest challenge during your interior upgrade may be choosing the perfect colour for your roller blinds. Sydney designers are increasingly turning to a modern, minimalist colour palette, with neutral shades and earthy tones, but you can also use your new blinds to add that pop of colour to a muted interior or to complement a more traditional home or commercial space.

With endless options available at Best Deal Shutters, your choices range from the subtle feel of translucent roller blinds to the sense of depth created by patterns and colourful prints, it takes a few interior design fundamentals, as well as a clear idea of the look you want, to choose the perfect colour. Use this ultimate colour guide to help you determine the most suitable style for your roller blinds.

Look to Your Other Statement Pieces

Interior design 101 – pull your colour inspiration from your space’s most established pieces. For example, the expensive Persian rug that will always grace your floor or your chocolate coloured velvet couch; chances are those pieces will be an eternal part of your home or office space. They may be consistent even if you change the rest of your design. Choose a colour for your blinds that matches or complements these items. This way, your roller blinds will become your design foundation, along with your other established pieces. When you want a new look, go ahead and paint your walls and renovate your cabinets, but your roller blinds will still look great.

Neutral Colours Are Always Timeless

When in doubt, choose neutral colours for your roller blinds. From pure white to chic greys and soft browns and beiges, with a neutral colour, you’ll always be able to tailor the rest of your interior around the style of your blinds. You can still create a unique look by using textured materials for your blinds.

Be Open to Colours and Patterns

That being said, don’t be afraid to play around with brighter colours. Especially if the rest of your interior is muted, the right colour or pattern can transform your roller blinds into a work of art for your space. Think a soft orange glow from translucent roller blinds, the colour of tiger lilies, set against a beige, white, and brown interior, or the stunning appeal of a floral motif to pair with an art noveau or vintage interior. With high-quality blinds made from premium materials, you can create any ambiance with your window coverings.

Get the Look You're Envisioning

At Best Deal Shutters, we’re always here to help you get the look you want from your interior blinds. Get in touch to talk to one of our customer service agents about your colour options – we can even liaise with your interior designer to ensure you choose the ideal colour for your space.

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