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How To Pick The Right Type of Blinds For Your Bathroom  

Blinds are a popular choice for bathroom windows. They allow for plenty of privacy, whilst making it easy to let in natural light. Aside from timber blinds and heavy fabric panel blinds, they are a smart choice as they can stand up to the chronic moisture exposure of bathrooms. And, with so many design choices – any colour you can imagine, different patterns, and materials – it’s easy to find the perfect set of blinds for your space. Use this guide on the type of blinds that will help you pick the best for your Sydney bathroom.  

Roller Blinds  

Particularly in traditionally styled bathrooms, the type of blinds that would add an elegant touch would be roller blinds. For a timeless aesthetic, choose a natural colour like white, cream or beige. To add an interesting focal point, use vibrant colours or designs. Floral prints in particular suit bathrooms with plenty of natural materials and earthy tones, blending in whilst also being a unique design element.  

The appeal of roller blinds is that you can choose a more translucent fabric, such as one of our Sheerview materials. This type of premium quality roller blind will allow plenty of gorgeous natural light in, without sacrificing on privacy. This way, you can enjoy all the natural sunlight you want even though your windows are covered.  

Venetian Blinds  

With Venetians, you have plenty of options for colour, material, and finish. With the sleek, thin slats and ease-of-use, Venetian blinds are a popular choice for bathrooms. You can pull them all the way up to allow in full sunlight. Manufactured right here in the Sydney area, our Venetians always stack neatly when drawn up, making them discreet and barely noticeable when you want to let in the outdoor view. Draw them down and you have total seclusion, or angle the slats to let in a little light.  

Both PVC blinds and aluminium blinds are mould-resistant. They are a breeze to clean – simply dust regularly or wipe with a clean damp cloth and mild soap. For serious cleaning jobs, you can remove them and wash them with soap and water in a shallow tub. They also look great in the typical modern bathroom, providing a subtle aesthetic and practical functionality.  

Choose PVC blinds if you want to use your blinds to complement the rest of your bathroom’s colour palette. PVC Venetians are available in a range of gorgeous colours. Aluminium blinds are perfect for urban-chic, industrial and minimalist styles. The silvery metallic finish pairs well with bathrooms that feature a lot of architectural glass, steel fixtures, and a cool colour palette.  

For tailor-made blinds to make your bathroom look stunning, reach out to a member of our friendly customer care team. We can help you get the ambiance you want with your window dressings, from design idea through to professional installation.  Everyone has a choice in the type of blinds they would like but if you need that extra assurance speak to our friendly staff on 0431 475 235.