Colour Design Trends

Colour Design Trends for 2018

Getting ready to give your home a refresh with a splash of paint, new window dressings and a few statement pieces? Before you decide which direction to go in for your interior space, get some inspiration from the predicted Colour Design Trends for 2018. There are plenty of brilliant hues and comforting, yet elegant neutrals that can be used to revitalise your space. Often, all it takes is a few throw pillows, a new set of blinds and fresh paint to update your home for the New Year. 

Soft Dark Grey 

In order to create a sense of comfort and privacy, experts note that consumers are gravitating towards deeper, darker colours that define a space and provide a sense of grounding. One of the most popular predicted colour design trends for 2018 is a dark, indigo-hued grey. It looks beautiful on cabinetry and helps to let other features standout, creating a quiet, still backdrop.  

Highly versatile, this colour works well with browns and greens for a soothing, natural look – think timber Venetian blinds and furnishings in pearl, white, and spring green. It can also pair well with a more silvery, cool colour palette for a sleek, modern aesthetic. 

Cornsilk Yellow and Rose 

For those who want to go in a brighter, uplifting direction, consider the sunny, yellow chiffon and strawberry cake colour palette, using pale yellows and pinks with light, earthly browns and whites. This is one of 2018 colour design trends that will look flawless with pure white plantation shutters. The best part with white shutters is, once you’re ready to move on from the feminine pinks and yellows, your white shutters will still look great with the colours that call out to you in the years ahead. 

Sand and Fire Tones 

Other colours that will be popular in 2018 are the rich, warm earthy colours, such as tan, rust, terracotta and marigold. These colours are both vibrant and energising, without being overpowering to a space. Choose a bamboo brown set of roller blinds, a burnt sienna area rug and a few terracotta accent pieces, and you’ll have a totally new ambiance ready for 2018.  

Colour Design Trends With Best Deal Shutters

Whatever colour, pattern or texture you are looking for, at Best Deal Shutters and Blinds, we have the premium quality products to help you give your home the perfect 2018 design makeover with many colour design trends to choose from. Get in touch with one of our friendly customer care specialists and we’ll help you create the look you want with your new window dressings.