Why Choose Blinds Over Curtains?

Blinds are becoming more widely used in Australia today because they offer several advantages over the traditional curtain approach. They are also, for many modern Sydney interiors, more aesthetically pleasing as people today prefer the clean, refined look that you can only get with high-quality blinds such as those from Best Deal Shutters.

Should you choose blinds instead of curtains for your windows?

Blinds Have More Insulation Potential

As with all things design, how much insulation you’ll get from your window dressing depends on the quality and type of material you choose. Overall, however, the best blinds for insulation have more insulating power than curtains.

Timber blinds, such as our basswood or cedar Venetians , are a top choice if you’re looking for the best window covering for keeping your heating bills low while maintaining a comfortable interior temperature in cooler temperatures. Blackout panel blinds are fantastic for protecting your interior from unwanted passive solar heating. Even better performing than all blinds and curtains are shutters. Our basswood plantation shutters are one of the most effective choices for adding an extra layer of insulation to your windows. If you do prefer curtains, you’ll get the best insulation benefits from thick, heavy fabrics.

What if you love the look of a delicate, sheer curtain yet require better insulation – and lighting control – than translucent material can offer? You can also choose to use both blinds and curtains.

Blinds Are More Durable and Easier to Maintain

When searching for the perfect window covering, one of the most important factors to consider is how long it will last. With blinds made from premium materials, your window dressings can last for many years. We manufacture our blinds here in Sydney from quality materials that stand the test of time like PVC, woven wood, basswood, cedar, and a variety of different fabrics, depending on the texture and look you want. We also treat our products so they are UV-resistant, meaning they won’t fade after years of sun exposure like many fabric curtains will do.

You can keep your blinds looking like new with a light detergent and a clean cloth. Most curtains, on the other hand, will need to be professionally washed.

Better Light Control

Blinds offer more control over how much light enters your space. For example, with Venetian blinds, you can allow in plenty of light while still enjoying total privacy. Sheerview roller blinds let natural sunlight flow in, but inhibit the view from the outside. With curtains, you don’t have the flexibility to filter your light and still enjoy privacy unless you combine sheer and blackout curtains.

Discover How Much You Can Do with Blinds

With different colours, patterns, materials, and textures, there are so many design possibilities with blinds. Use them alone or pair with your favourite curtains to get the optimal look for your interior. Get in touch with our friendly customer service team to learn more about all the different options to create a custom finish for your windows.