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5 Modern Window Treatment Design Ideas

With Modern Window Treatment Design Ideas, the possibilities are endless when it comes to dressing your windows. Colourful roller blinds, elegant Venetians, unobtrusive, functional plantation shutters – all look fantastic in a contemporary home. With well-made shutters and blinds, you know you are adding a touch of class and style to your modern interior. This leaves you with the challenge of choosing the window dressing that suits your preferences, whilst also seamlessly complementing the aesthetic of your home. Here are 5 Modern Window Treatment Design Ideas currently taking Australian homeowners by storm.

Matchstick Roller Blinds

One of the Modern Window Treatment Design Ideas perfect for modern, boho-styled homes, are matchstick roller blinds often used for Sydney coastal properties. They offer a rustic beach feel that works perfectly for sun-drenched living rooms and breakfast nooks. Matchstick roller blinds also help to open up small spaces. Made from woven, natural fibres, they let in a soft light without feeling like they over power the rest of your space.

Sheer Panel Blinds

Sheer fabric panel blinds is one of the well-loved Modern Window Treatment Design Ideas for owners of modern homes. They let in light yet still block out the heat from the sun and winter drafts, helping to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Best Deals Shutters and Blinds has a range of both Sheerview and Translucent fabrics to help you get the look that you want. Beiges, creams, whites and other neutral colours are popular window dressings with modern, minimalist homes.

Crisp, White PVC Plantation Shutters

For the most utilitarian window dressing for modern homes, nothing compares to the clean look of white plantation shutters. Beautifully functional, shutters offer fluid control over the amount of light you want to let in, whether you raise or lower the slats, or simply want to open the blinds. They are also flexible; as you evolve your interior design over the years with different features, colours and textures, white PVC shutters will always look attractive.

Verdant Prints

If you want your window dressings to add a splash of colour and style to your contemporary styled property, verdant prints are a fitting choice. From brightly coloured floral prints to young green leaves and foliage, the fresh, vibrant appeal will add a point of interest to your space. Printed roller blinds with verdant designs work well with rooms that have an earthy colour scheme, with browns, pale greens and yellows.

Wood and Warm Rose Colours

For a warm, inviting look, pair timber blinds with a sunrise colour palate. The richness and elegance of natural wood window dressings are brought out when used next to warm pinks, golds, and amber hues.

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