4 Window Treatment Ideas For A Natural Look

4 Window Treatment Ideas For A Natural Look

One of the most popular interior design trends right now is the natural look. Organic features like wood, stone, copper and clay create a fresh, welcoming vibe. One of the focal points of any design makeover is your windows. What type of blinds or shutters you put up in your Sydney home will set the pace for your interior ambiance. Here are 4 window treatment ideas you can use to create the organic, natural look.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Wood fosters a warming, earthy feel, whilst also creating an air of sophistication. This is why wood Venetians work well in both professional spaces and luxury homes. At Best Deal Shutters and Blinds, you can choose from basswood or cedar blinds, depending on the level of richness you want from your wood’s colour and texture.

Basswood is an excellent timber choice for a Sydney blinds window treatment because its dense structure makes it resistant to warping and it can hold up to the climate. Cedar will also last for years when well-maintained and offers a luxurious look and feel.

Woven Roller Blinds Layered with Sheer Linen Curtains

Especially where you want elegance and a soothing energy, like in bedrooms and living rooms, the layered look works beautifully. For a natural feel, combine woven roller blinds, made from bamboo or other natural fibres, with sheer white linen curtains. The muted colour palette of this window treatment idea will pair well with your other interior elements and will look fantastic when the blinds are opened and the sun is streaming in through the sheer curtains.

Window Treatments with Earthy Prints

Other window treatment ideas for a natural look includes hanging up curtains or blinds with an earthy print. Think vibrant greens against a white or cream backdrop, or graceful roller blinds with colourful floral prints. Set your indoor plants nearby and you’ll create a lush, yet refined interior space.

Neutral Panel Blinds

For a simple, organic look – that will also work well if you choose to switch your interior design to something different in the future – opt for panel blinds in neutral colours. With their clean lines and utilitarian aesthetic, panel blinds are great if you have larger windows – such as sliding glass doors or floor to ceiling windows – but you don’t want your window treatment ideas to take over the rest of your design.

Choose white, tan, beige or cream for a neutral colour palette that will look great in a natural, organic look, as well as something more modern. You can even switch to bold paint colours and statement pieces down the road, and your neutral panel blinds will still fit perfectly.

Feeling inspired? Get in touch if you’d like to discuss your design ideas. With the right window treatment ideas, you can make your space come to life with a natural look.